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Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association
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Leah J. McWilliams,CAE
Executive Director 
Jean Groen
Associate Director 


2016-2017 Officers and Board of Trustees


OFFICERS                                              TRUSTEES                                      


PRESIDENT                                           DISTRICT 1                                    

Bruce Ricker, D.O.                                   Edwin V. Wehling, D.O.

504 North Cleveland                                504 North Cleveland Street

Moutn Ayr, IA  50854                              Mount Ayr, IA  50854


PRESIDENT-ELECT                            DISTRICT 2                                

Joel Baker, D.O.                                       Peter Hoftiezer, D.O.

1711 100th Street                                     1229 C Avenue E.

Corydon, IA  50060                                 Oskaloosa, IA 52577


VICE-PRESIDENT                                DISTRICT 3      

Daniel Arnold, D.O.                                 Craig Dove, D.O.

4480 Utica Ridge Road, Suite 160                   1026 A Avenue

Bettendorf, IA  52722                                       Cedar Rapids, IA  52406-3026


IMM. PAST PRESIDENT                     DISTRICT 4                                 

Joseph Molnar, D.O., FACOFP                Joseph Brooks, D.O.

1501 E. Main Street                                  2535 Maplecrest, Suite 13

Charles City, IA 506161                                    Bettendorf, IA  52722


PAST PRESIDENT                                         DISTRICT 5    

Jacqueline Stoken, D.O.                           Jose Figueroa, D.O.  

1454 30th Street, Suite 109                      3200 Grand Avenue

West Des Moines, IA  50266-1311          Des Moines, IA  50312


AT-LARGE TRUSTEE                          AT-LARGE TRUSTEE                 

Brian Meeker, D.O.                                    Sean Brodale, D.O.

504 North 8th Avenue                                18754 Hwy 63, Box 66

Vinton, IA  52349                                       Bloomfield, IA  52537


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE                 RESIDENT TRUSTEE                  

Dane Johnson, D.O., FACOS                    Barry Cooper, D.O.

1324 Walters Avenue                                421 SW Westlawn Drive

Ellston, IA 50074                                       Ankeny, IA  50023




Leah J. McWilliams, CAE

950 12th Street          

Des Moines, IA  50309          

(515) 283-0002




The mission of the IOMA, as established by the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates, is to advance the philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine by osteopathic physicians and surgeons in the state of Iowa.  This is done by encouraging high standards in medical education and research; enhancing the public health; and by promoting the delivery of high quality; cost-effective care in a distinct and unified profession.

As a Board Member of the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association, I am fully committed to the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association and its mission.  I recognize that wearing the mantle of leadership is a higher calling and carries additional responsibilities and obligations to support the activities of the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association.  As a leader, my decisions and actions must be guided by what is best for the Association.  To this end, I pledge to honor and promote the Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association and its mission by following three guiding principles:

I.  I will maintain and strengthen the Vision of the IOMA by the Board of Trustees and House of Delegates, as demonstrated by…

  • Defining with my Trustee colleagues the mission of the Association and participating in strategic planning to review the purposes, programs, priorities, funding needs, and targets of achievement.
  • Annually contributing to osteopathic philanthropy, encouraging osteopathic colleagues to do the same, and encouraging my spouse to participate in the Auxiliary.
  • Supporting and promoting the Association’s policy within the osteopathic family and to the public.

II.  I will conduct myself with the highest level of Integrity to honor the IOMA and to support the highest ideals of the osteopathic profession for which it stands, as demonstrated by…

  • Accepting the by-laws of the Association, understanding that I am morally and ethically responsible for the health and vitality of the Association, and adhering to the IOMA Conflict of Interest policy by recusing myself from discussions or votes in which I may not be impartial.
    Leading the way by being an enthusiastic booster and a positive advocate for the Association, and extend that enthusiasm to the Association’ s district and auxiliary groups.
  • Accepting that every Board member is making a statement of faith about every other Board member, we trust each other to carry out this Code to the best of our ability.

III.  I will be Competent in my actions and decisions for the IOMA, as demonstrated by…

  • Fulfilling my financial responsibilities by reviewing and approving the annual budget, overseeing adherence to it, ensuring an independent audit takes place, and overseeing the investment policies and procedures of the association.
  • Making myself available to attend Board meetings, taking phone calls, and serving on committees, and being prepared for these meetings by reading agenda and other materials.
  • Understanding that the job of the Board is to govern, not manage, and that the only staff member I have responsibility for and authority over is the Executive Director.