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The Importance of Knowing Your Legislators


Today, I had the opportunity to represent IOMA at the Iowa State Capital in Des Moines.  I was accompanied by Leah McWilliams and our lobbyist, David Adelman. Having never done this before, I was a bit tentative and in awe of the process.

Dr. Baker and Senator Amy Sinclair

I was able to meet with my State Senator, Amy Sinclair.  I will admit that Senator Sinclair is actually my patient, so she was able to put me at ease and was quite cordial and receptive to IOMA’s agenda.  Specifically, we spoke about SF 2322 which expands pharmacists ability administer vaccines to young children.

I also spoke to Representative Shannon Lundgren regarding opioid monitoring.  She actually sponsored HF 2377 which allows the Board of Pharmacy to issue activity reports via PMP of physicians prescribing histories.  There had been discussions earlier in the House regarding physicians being required to report to the PMP prescriptions they have written, I am happy to report that this bill assures us that physicians will not be required to do this.  This will be a pharmacy responsibility.  We discussed that the PMP is updating its database so prescribing information will be more current.  “One work day” for more accurate reporting.  I urge all of you to use this important resource.

Dr. Baker, David Adelman, J.D. and Senator Jeff Edler

We also spoke with Senator Jeff Edler regarding mental health.  This is such an important but difficult topic. I was able to discuss IOMA’s concerns regarding Iowa’s lack of appropriate facilities which cause many of our patients to be transferred out of state for the care they need and deserve.

It was a very fulfilling day.  It’s amazing how energized I felt after this experience.  I encourage each of you to take a moment to do the same.  Our Senators and Representatives really do want to hear from us.  We have an important message to share.  Let’s get it out there!

Keep DOing what you DO!