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Like many of you, I have watched in horror as more than a hunded women and girls bravely shared their stories of abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar.  As a proud DO, I'm furious that a convicted pedophile hid behind his medical license to justify his crimes and chose to use one of the tools that osteopathic physicians are trained to provide, OMT, as a defense.

Recently, this false narrative has been repeated in a vile op/ed in the Los Angeles Times.  The AOA has reached out ot he editor to deman changes to this cheap, defamatory article.  We are responding to this situation as we have to every attack on the integrity of our profession.

I know that some members are frustrted that the AOA has not publically condemned Nassar.  It's important to understand that the organization cannot comment on any criminal case of lawsuit.

Instead, the AOA worked behind the scenes to educate journalists that the allegations against Nassar are by no means acceptable medical practice by any physician, DO or MD.  Since this news broke in September 2016, AOA has responded to hundreds of media inquiries in an effort to prevent this case from becoming a referendum on osteopathic medicine, as Nassar's attorney originally implied.  We made it clear that the AOA would not in any way legitimize his actions.

The concept of medically accepted treatment is likely to come into play again during the multiple civil suits targeted at Nassar and others alleged to have overlooked his crimes.  The AOA will continue to help media understand, when necessary, the principles and practices of osteopathic medicine but will not inappropriately insert itself into the news or make DOs the focus of any coverage.

Make no mistake:  Larry Nassar is a convicted molester who used his medical license to justify his crimes.  We are all angry and looking to prevent future molesters from exploiting patients, the practice of medicine and our profession.