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Capitol Visits


IOMA members have been busy meeting with their legislators at the Capitol as you can see from the following pictures.


Dr. Meeker and Rep. Kevin Koester           

Dr. Thompson and Rep. Guy Vander Linden


Dr. Thompson and Senator Ken Rozenboom

Dr. Benzoni and Rep. John Forbes


Dr. Benzoni and Senator Brad Zaun           

Dr. O’Shea, Dr. Priaulx and Rep. John Forbes


Dr. Arnold and Rep. Ashley Hinson

Dr. Arnold and Senator Liz Mathis

Although not pictured above, Dr. Mark Menadue also came to the Capitol to speak with his legislators.  Many decisions about your practice of medicine are being made at the Capitol.  As you can see, you have an opportunity to voice your opinion before those decisions are made by joining IOMA’s Lobbyist, David Adelman, J.D., or his associate Sara Allen for a few hours one day during the legislative session.  The best days of the week to be at the Capitol are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  David will meet with you and let you know what is happening that day.  He will go with you to visit your legislators and he will coach you on what the current issues are.  The legislators need your expertise to understand the health care issues they are faced with making decisions on.  Please consider participating.   Let the IOMA office know what date you can be there and we will get it on David’s calendar.