Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association Bill Chart
Bill # Subject Status IOMA Position
HF 292 Medicaid Appeals Reports (Successor to HSB 76) Human Resources - passed subcommittee Amend
HF 375 Newborn Metabolic Screenings (SF 60) Human Resources Monitor
HF 052 Human Trafficking Public Safety Monitor
HF 212 Medical Board Staffing Human Resources - passed sub committee Monitor
HSB 073 Patient Transfers (See SSB 1076) Human Resources - Voted Out Monitor
HF 284 Medicaid MCOs Reports Human Resources Monitor
SF 085 Child Abuse Reporting Human Resources Monitor
HF 060 Health Care Administration Commerce - passed subcommittee Monitor
HF 243 MH/DS Region Spending Human Resources Monitor
HF 233 Withdrawing Life Support Judiciary Monitor
HF 207 Medicaid Step Therapy Human Resources Monitor
HF 206 Immunization Exemption Human Resouces Monitor
HF 205 Mental Health - Minor Treatment Human Resources Monitor
HF 376 Medicaid MCO Contracts for Long-Term Care Services (HF 308) Human Resources Monitor
HF 310 Optometry Injections (Successor to HSB 64) State Government - passed subcommittee Oppose
SF 178 Needle Exchange Program (SF 125) Judiciary Oppose
HF 208 Opioid Abuse Tax Human Resources Oppose
HF 297 Immunization Consent Human Resources Oppose
SF 018 Certificate of Need (See HF 162) Human Resources Oppose
SF 019 Reporting of Health Care Costs Human Resources Oppose
HF 249 Medical Psilocybin/MDMA Public Safety Oppose
HF 374 End of Life Human Resources Oppose
SF 078 Medical Cannabidiol (HF 281) Judiciary Oppose
HSB 140 Prescription Monitoring Program Public Safety Oppose
SF 123 Pharmacist Collaborative Practice Human Resources Oppose
SF 125 Needle Exchange Program (SF 178) Judiciary - subcommitee passed Oppose
HF 332 Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (SF 261) Human Resources Oppose
SF 256 Medical Cannabidiol - More extensive than HF 282, SF 77 Judiciary Oppose
SF 239 Immunization Exemptions Human Resources Oppose
SF 238 Immunization Discrimination II (HF 246) Human Resources Oppose
HF 097 Worker's Compensation Commerce Oppose
SF 077 Medical Cannabidiol (See HF 282) Judiciary - passed subcommittee Oppose
HF 086 Worker's Compensation Commerce Oppose
SF 167 Mental Health Loan Repayment (Successor to SSB 1030) Education - Voted Out Support
HF 372 Residency Matching Grants Human Resources Support
SF 066 Vaping Judiciary - passed subcommittee Support
SF 211 Medicaid External Appeals Human Resources Support
SF 148 Medicaid Prior Authorization Human Resources Support
SF 016 Medicaid - Pregnancy Coverage (SF 251) Human Resources Support
SF 017 Medicaid - HIV Drugs Human Resources Support
SF 122 Medicaid Prior Authorization Human Resources Support
HF 204 Formulary Changes Human Resources Support
HF 283 Tanning Ban Human Resources Support

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