Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association Bill Chart
Bill # Subject Status IOMA Position
SF 2185 Choice of Doctor Labor
HF 2006 Collision Sports Education Undecided
SSB 3073 Controlled Substances Human Resources - Voted out Support
HF 2275 Direct Care Agreements Human Resources
SSB 3074 Electronic Prescriptions Human Resources - Voted out Amended Support
HSB 502 Expert Witnesses Judiciary - Voted out Undecided
SF 2228 Genetic Counselors (Formerly SSB 3005) Human Resources - Voted Out Support
HSB 598 Health Care Administration Commerce - Voted Out Support
SF 2207 Integrated Health Homes (See also SF 2055, HF 2142) Human Resources
SF 2055 Integrated Health Homes (See HF 2142, SF 2207) Human Resources Undecided
HF 2142 Integrated Health Homes (See SF2055, SF 2207) Human Resources Undecided
SF 2092 Medicaid Integrated Care Human Resources - Voted Out Undecided
SF 2120 Medicaid MCO Billing Human Resources - Voted Out Support
SF 2199 Medicaid MCO Credentials Human Resources Support
HF 2291 Medicaid Payments Human Resources
SF 2221 Medicaid Payments Human Resources
HF 2292 Medicaid Payments II Human Resources
SF 2083 Medicaid Reimbursements Human Resources - Voted Out Undecided
HF 2205 Medicaid Step Therapy Human Resources
SSB 3106 Medical Cannabidiol Judiciary Undecided
SF 2157 Medical Cannabidiol Diseases Human Resources Oppose
SSB 3135 Medical Cannabidiol Diseases Judiciary Oppose
HF 2202 Medical Cannabidiol Diseases (See SF2157) Public Safety Oppose
HF 2010 Medical Certification Programs Human Resources Support
SF 2026 Medical Service Price Lists Human Resources Undecided
HF 2152 Medical Waiver and Variance Reports State Government Undecided
HF 2099 Meningococcal Vaccinations Human Resources Oppose
HF 2211 MH/SA Capacity Human Resource
HSB 631 MH/SA Services Human Resources - Voted Out
HF 2169 Midwife Licensing (See HF 453) State Government Oppose
SSB 3095 Newborn Screening Human Resources Undecided
SSB 3004 No Deductible Copayments Human Resources Undecided
HSB 520 Opiate Prescribing Public Safety Oppose
SSB 3079 Optometrist Injections Ways & Means Oppose
SSB 3169 Oral Contraceptives Human Resources
SSB 3146 Pharmacist Scope State Government
SSB 3136 PMP Advisory Committee Human Resources Undecided
SSB 3031 Prescriber Activity Reports Human Resources Undecided
HF 2009 Prescriber Registration Human Resources Undecided
SSB 3003 Prescription Drug Changes (See HSB 516) Human Resources Support
HSB 516 Prescription Drug Changes (See SF 3003) Human Resources Support
SSB 3071 Prescription Monitoring Program Human Resources - Voted Out Support
SF 2198 Prescription Monitoring Program (Formerly SSB 3071) Human Resources - Voted Out Support
HSB 519 Prescription Reporting Public Safety Undecided
SSB 3124 Primary Care Providers Human Resources Undecided
HF 2032 Psychiatric Bed Tracking Human Resources Support
HSB 572 Telehealth Payments Commerce - Voted Out Support
SF 2097 Tobacco Age Commerce Support

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