Member Benefits

Representation and Communication - All D.O.s

IOMA is the professional organization for D.O.s in the state of Iowa, looking out for the interests of all physicians licensed as osteopathic physicians. How?

  • Assures that the profession is specifically and favorably included in all legislation, rules and regulations of state government.
  • Assures that the profession is represented on any boards, commissions, task forces and committees of state government that deal with the practice of medicine.
  • Acts as a liaison with other health care professional associations including the Iowa Hospital Association, Iowa Academy of Family Physicians, Iowa Medical Society, Iowa a Nurses' Association, Iowa Pharmacists' Association, Iowa Podiatry Society, Iowa Optometric Association, Iowa Physicians' Assistants Association, Iowa Society of Physical Therapists, Iowa Dental Association and others. Works with them when it benefits the profession.
  • Acts as liaison to the Iowa Departments of Health and Human Services and Public Health, Board of Medical Examiners, Board of Pharmacy Examiners, Department of Inspections and Appeals and any other state agency that regulates or conducts programs within the health care delivery system.
  • Intercedes for the profession and individual osteopathic physicians with Medicare and Medicaid carriers on reimbursement or procedure disputes.
  • Provides input through a professional legislative counsel under contract to IOMA and by communication with lobbyists of other medical professional associations.
  • Maintains direct contact with the Governor and his staff. Keeps him informed regarding issues of concern to the profession.
  • Represents the profession at meetings of the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care Provider Advisory Committee and assures that the osteopathic profession's concerns are considered by the IFMC.
  • Maintains liaison with Blue Cross/Blue Shield through regular meetings of the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Medical Policy Advisory Committee. Reviews and provides members with the opportunity to comment on Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies before implementation.
  • Participates as members of the Medicaid Physician Reimbursement Committee in the review and update of the Medicaid Physician Fee Schedule.
  • Recommends physicians for many State and non-governmental committees and task forces.

Member Benefits

  • Provides group health and life insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Offers health and dental insurance at competitive rates to members, their families and office staff.
  • Provides disability and business interruption insurance. Offers disability insurance through Paul Revere Companies at a 10% discount.
  • Provides a lease/purchase program for financing office and medical equipment through Bankers Leasing at rates guaranteed to be below banks or other finance companies.
    Publishes directory of all D.O.s in the state with pertinent biographical and geographical information about each.
  • Publishes bulletins to inform physicians about issues that could affect their practice.
  • Maintains a physician practice opportunity and physician placement referral service.

Continuing Education

  • Offers 30 hours of 1-A CME (also approved for American Academy of Family Practice credit) at the Upper Midwest Osteopathic Health Conference.
  • Conducts the Iowa ACFP Mid-Winter Family Practice Conference which offers 20 1-A CME hours.
  • Provides opportunities to receive mandatory state of Iowa child and adult abuse training either through lecture or video self-study.

National Visibility

  • Maintains communication with the various divisions of the American Osteopathic Association.
  • Represents the state on American Osteopathic Association committees and at the AOA house of delegates.
  • Makes contacts with Iowa's congressional delegation on issues arising from actions of federal agencies, both directly and through the AOA Washington, DC staff.

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  • Maintains the Health News Network that promotes the osteopathic profession through the news media.
  • Maintains communication with and provides assistance to the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences' students through the annual Iowa student dinner, support of student activities and educational programs, and direct intercession on various issues important to the students.

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