Renew Your IOMA Dues Automatically!

IOMA is pleased to offer members a new option to pay your membership dues automatically through PayPal! This is a convenient and secure way to renew your membership, year over year. When you enroll in this program, your membership will always be current and you won’t miss out on receiving your membership benefits. Your membership will be renewed each year with no effort on your part, as long as you have a current method of payment on file.

A few quick notes about this program:

Your annual IOMA Membership dues will automatically be charged to the credit card or the my PayPal account that you provide. This amount may be adjusted annually if your membership category changes or if a dues increase or decrease is approved by IOMA.
Each year, your annual IOMA Membership dues will be charged on the same annual renewal date as your initial payment, unless you cancel your participation in the program. 

This is a great way to make sure you stay current with IOMA and your member benefits. Set up your Membership to renew automatically today. Get started by selecting your membership type below and clicking the button.

Contact IOMA staff with any questions at 515-282-8192.